At Redmill Solutions, we work with global brands and all of the top media agency groups.

What we do

We combine the best technology with brilliant service and media expertise. After all, without the best people and support, any technical solution will struggle to reach its true potential.

Having more insight into useful data allows advertisers to make more informed, cost-effective choices. And for local markets, it also enables better understanding and connectivity.

Redmill Solutions Ltd is a privately owned company, registered and headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Greater London, UK, Izmir, Turkey and Guangzhou, China, providing around the clock support for our global clients.




How we started

Our founder, Hasan Arik has a unique and broad perspective on the advertising market. This comes in no small part from his 19 years' experience at MediaCom, where he was Global Head of Technology.

His Eureka moment came in 2010 when he left the ivory tower of the world’s largest media buying organisation to launch Redmill Solutions in early 2010.

The company has grown to partner with some of the world’s largest advertisers and media agencies to make their global marketing data more accessible, transparent, simple and visible.