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“The entire process just happens quietly in the background without you having to devote lots of time and resource to it.  Redmill provided a unique service offering, which allowed us to run business as usual as all the hard work was done by them behind the scenes. This was without having to force a change of behaviour within our own organisation.  The benefit and simplicity of getting numerous different views in one place is really strong – you just press a button. I would estimate that using this service has made us at least ten times more efficient.”  Global Media Manager, Reckitt Benckiser 


“Redmill have been great business partners for us, providing access to accurate and timely reporting that gives us unparalleled visibility into our media spend worldwide. Their Tuk-Tuk platform is easy to use, and the low-latency, flexible reporting suite provides the real insights we use to make informed investment decisions."  VP, Global Media, Mondelez