Media is a big investment.  Our clients choose their media agency based on its ability to buy effective and efficient messages in the right place, at the right time and for the right price. And each agency-client relationship is guided by a set of guarantees.  This will take the form of a combination of quality and price promises the agency makes, in exchange for a volume of activity the client promises.

Redmill Solutions provides a service that incorporates all the variables of these guarantees, for each country, and cross-checks that against post-campaign data. We can include each detail of every deal - if you have a commitment to a position in break, a cost per completed view or the inside of a back page of a magazine, all these details can be validated and compared.

Ultimately, both client and agency can benefit from our deal health check, since bonuses are also calculated based on those deal guarantees. That means regular, accurate reporting allows agencies to ensure they are on track to deliver what they have agreed.  Meanwhile, clients gain full visibility deal health on a market by market level.  It’s a win win for both sides.

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