Tuk-Tuk is Redmill’s proprietary media intelligence platform and the engine that powers all of our services.

Built on a foundation of local, regional and global media expertise and experience, and making use of powerful machine learning, Tuk-Tuk was created to meet the exacting requirements of the world’s largest advertisers. This secure, cloud-based platform transforms both structured and unstructured data into user-friendly information that can be easily interrogated in order to generate real and actionable insights.


Over 4,000 agency and advertiser users in more than 80 countries

Draws on more than 2,000+ data sources and APIs

Robust and multi-level security controls.

Users in all global media networks

$100bn+ of post-campaign data

Customised reporting dashboards and powerful ad hoc reporting tools

100,000 local media plans uploaded

$500bn+ of competitive activity data

Fast, timely and user friendly reporting