Our clients produce some of the world’s best products, from world famous chocolate bars, to the latest shades of lipsticks to life-saving cholesterol medication.  That doesn’t mean they are all experts on media. They rely on the media agencies they have partnered with to provide strategic advice, innovative plans to ‘move the dial’ on their business, and inspired buying strategies to deliver the most potential consumers to purchase their product.

A key pillar of our service is ensuring clients are reaching their audience in the most efficient and effective manner possible. And detailed analysis and number crunching around post-campaign data is bound to play a significant role here. But how is that information supplied by agencies? The answer is in a spot by spot report from the buying systems, ad server or booking system, dependent upon which media type you are tracking.  This data amounts to literally millions of rows of numbers generated per month to account for even a mid-sized global advertiser.

Our system is designed to absorb and clean this massive volume of data.  Our clients receive monthly reports providing accurate data, which they can then use to provide informed alterations to future activities.

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