Hasan Arik,
Founder & CEO

Formerly Head of Global Technology at Mediacom, where he spent 19 years, Hasan's experience of the obstacles facing agencies and brands led to the creation of Redmill Solutions.  When not leading the teams around the globe, he’ll either be out on his bike or tending to his bees in the garden.



Morgan Mo,
China Team Leader

Morgan manages the super dynamic, feisty and ever expanding team in our Guangzhou office.  When he’s not leading the team, he’s dreaming of becoming a formula one driver.



Ali Murat Ilhan,
Turkey Team Leader

Ali Murat leads the harmonised and accomplished Izmir office. He is either practicing Aikido in the dojo or walking his dogs in the mountains when he’s not running the team.



When not chasing rabbits, Hubble may be found sleeping under Hasan's desk. He is a Shih tzu terrier cross, therefore doesn't yet have a firm grasp of the intricacies of advertising data and media measurement.