Putting you in Control

We make your Media and Marketing Data Simple and Transparent


Putting you in Control

We make your Media and Marketing Data Simple and Transparent

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Simplicity in the way we work with you: we do not require any change to your workflow


Transparency we are completely independent, and 100% dedicated to bringing transparency to your data


Visibility and meaningful data are in our blood: that means valuable insight for your business delivered through powerful, flexible reporting tools


Accountability we take full responsibility for the quality of all the data we provide, shining a light on the parts of your business other solutions can’t reach


Redmill solutions in numbers



Founded in 2010


Countries using the system



More than 3500+ media professionals actively using the system


All major global media groups supply information to the platform



50,000 media plans managed and growing daily


$230 billion in media information on the platform




At Redmill Solutions, we work with major global brands and all of the top agency groups.

What we do

We combine the best technology with brilliant service and media expertise. After all, without the best people and support, any technical solution will struggle to reach its true potential.

Having more insight into useful data allows advertisers to make more informed, cost-effective choices. And for local markets, it also enables better understanding and connectivity.

Redmill Solutions Ltd is a privately owned company, registered and headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Greater London, UK, Izmir, Turkey and Guangzhou, China, providing around the clock support for our global clients.




How we started

Our Founder Hasan Arik has a unique and broad perspective on the advertising market. This comes in no small part from his 19 years' experience at Mediacom, where he was Global Head of Technology.

His Eureka moment came in 2010 when he left the ivory tower of the world’s largest media buying organisation to launch Redmill Solutions in early 2010.

The company has grown to partner with some of the world’s largest advertisers and media agencies to make their global marketing data more accessible, transparent, simple and visible.




“The entire process just happens quietly in the background without you having to devote lots of time and resource to it."


"Redmill provided a unique service offering, which allowed us to run business as usual as all the hard work was done by them behind the scenes. This was without having to force a change of behaviour within our own organisation.

“The benefit and simplicity of getting numerous different views in one place is really strong – you just press a button. I would estimate that using this service has made us at least ten times more efficient.”

Global Media Manager, Reckitt Benckiser




In a nutshell... Redmill Solutions collects, cleans, manages and analyses media and marketing data.

Redmill Solution’s magic formula is housed in a platform we call TukTuk, which transforms disparate data into user-friendly information that can be easily manipulated, analysed and exported.

As a cloud-based platform, TukTuk provides data security, regular maintenance without service interruption and reduced capital investment by our clients.


Media Plan Collection

Competitive Data

Pitch Support

Digital Asset Management


Deal Monitoring

Post Campaign


For advertisers and brands in particular, we provide a full suite of tools and services to help manage their relationships with media agencies globally.

Our clients (both advertisers and agencies) can then create accurate, useful reports which otherwise would involve considerable time, effort and human resource to produce.

With the benefit of this single, unified view of their data, our clients are considerably better placed to plan and execute both their day-to-day as well as future business, on a global basis.


General information:

Reports are available on PowerPoint, Excel, web dashboards, extractable into Tableau or any structured data format.

Data security is the cornerstone of our business.  All our systems are kept within the EU and your data is under the protection of the EU Data Protection Directive.

We work with all the major agency groups, and our independence and focus on data protection provide peace of mind for our clients and their agency partners.

We have people covering nearly every time zone – and we pride ourselves on our supportive, helpful approach.





Hasan Arik,
Founder & CEO

Formerly Head of Global Technology at Mediacom, where he spent 19 years, Hasan's experience of the obstacles facing agencies and brands led to the creation of Redmill Solutions.  When not leading the teams around the globe, he’ll either be out on his bike or tending to his bees in the garden.



Morgan Mo,
China Team Leader

Morgan manages the super dynamic, feisty and ever expanding team in our Guangzhou office.  When he’s not leading the team, he’s dreaming of becoming a formula one driver.



Begüm Kastalli,
Turkey Team Leader

Begüm heads up our brand new and fast growing Izmir office.  Outside the office, she’s either speeding to the beach or hanging out at home with her cats (one of which is aptly named TukTuk.)



When not chasing rabbits, Hubble may be found sleeping under Hasan's desk. He is a Shih tzu terrier cross, therefore doesn't have a firm grasp of the intricacies of advertising data & media measurement.





Join the Team...

We are specialist business solutions providers for the media industry. If you have experience working with brands, media owners or media agencies and want to make a difference to clients directly, please get in touch.


We are based in Greater London; please ensure you have the appropriate work permission for the UK before applying as we are unable to sponsor employees.






Our Offices

email us at // call us on +44 (0) 20 3637 6215

UK Office

Redmill Solutions
Calleo House
49 Theobald Street
London, WD6 4RT

United Kingdom


China Office

Redmill Solutions
2nd Building of Poly Clover Plaza, No.406 II Huasui Rd, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510623



Turkey Office

Redmill Solutions
Akdeniz Mah
Cumhuriyet Bulvari
No 64 Kat:3 D:31-32
Konak, Izmir



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