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Redmill is a specialist media data management company, working with some of the world’s biggest advertisers.

We’re obsessed with data quality and understand the value that comes from access to clean, harmonised global media data – a single source of media data truth.

Quite simply, greater media data visibility produces better media investment control and decisions.
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Your challenges

There are seven key media data management challenges for advertisers:


How can we get better visibility of our media data?


How can we get faster, more timely access to it?


How can we get accurate data for ALL markets?


How do we ensure ownership and portability of our media data?


How can we customise our media data management solution?


How can we make our data work for both global AND local teams?


How can we manage increasingly fragmented media data sources?
We solve ALL of these challenges.

A single source of media truth

Delivered through our powerful Tuk-Tuk platform, our solutions include:

How we help

Collect, translate, clean and manage data
We help you get greater clarity of your data without any need for local market workflow changes
Unique media intelligence
Harmonise, aggregate and instantly analyse all your latest media planning, buying and competitive data from around the globe
A specialist, independent media data management company
We don’t plan or buy media, provide media consultancy, auditing, agency selection or management services

Easy, effective, essential

Don’t just take our word for it. What do some of the world’s leading advertisers have to say about Redmill?
“Gives us unparalleled visibility into our media spend worldwide.”
VP of Global Media, Mondelez
"Using this service has made us at least ten times more efficient."
Global Media Manager, Reckitt
Some of our global partners

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