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Redmill provides global media data solutions that deliver greater data clarity across media planning, post-campaign data management, media buying performance tracking, competitive media activity monitoring and pitch pricing management.
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Great technology, great team.


Our media intelligence platform, Tuk-Tuk, is a powerful media data management platform. Secure and cloud-based, it transforms both structured and unstructured global media data into harmonised, usable information that can be easily interrogated to generate actionable insights.


Every company that works with Redmill has its own dedicated Account Management team. Our experienced media-trained, detail-oriented teams based in the UK, Turkey and China work tirelessly to ensure and help advertisers to get the best out of our solutions and to add real value to their media activity.


The marriage of our innovative technology and great service teams delivers valuable solutions for the companies we work with, with minimal changes needed to local agency or company workflows. We add value both globally and locally.

Introducing Tuk-Tuk

Our proprietary data management platform, Tuk-Tuk, has been developed and refined over the last 10 years to create best-in-class data management and reporting solutions, tailored to each of our client’s specific requirements. Our focus is always on highly actionable, lowest friction solutions that reflect real-world media operations and needs.

We believe

Why Redmill?


Accurate and timely presentation of all media data


Easy to use with zero impact on local workflow


We understand local media landscapes


Insights from powerful reporting and data visualisation tools


We take full responsibility for data accuracy and security


Priced to encourage widespread system adoption


Robust and multi-level security controls


Tailored to business goals and tech infrastructures


Redmill is completely independent and clients own their own data


Speed of data access to facilitate action

Ready for greater clarity of all your media data?

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