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How can I get better visibility of our latest local media plans and spend?"

To better manage their media investments, advertisers need access to accurate media plan data for all markets and brands. With our technology and our team of experts, we help bring clarity to your global media data so you make better decisions – however complex your media activity.

We know it’s difficult to change local advertiser and agency workflows and, in turn, to deliver truly global solutions. That’s why there are three different ways to use our media planning workflow system – so you can choose whichever works best for your company. 
This option provides users with direct access to the Tuk-Tuk media planning workflow system, so global and local advertiser and agency teams can access real-time plan updates. The system is configured to suit specific planning and reporting requirements.
As well as access to Tuk-Tuk, we provide a service team who manage the ingestion of media plans in any format, through structured or unstructured data feeds. This respects locally established workflows and different media plan formats delivering a virtually frictionless media plan coordination solution.
Roll out of a global media planning system often only covers 50% of activity and spend because of resistance to workflow changes. Redmill solves this by using the Self-Service and Full-Service solutions as appropriate for each market and division, delivering 100% market coverage from launch.


Simple and customisable
  • No need to make any changes to local or media agency workflows
  • Customised, clear dashboards and standard reports, Excel pivot tables and exports into other software
  • Bespoke reporting at company, brand, region, country, agency, media type and media owner levels
  • Used by all major media agency groups
  • Works with unstructured media plan data (e.g. non-templated spreadsheets)
  • Integration with all major media, marketing and data systems
  • Export of plans in common formats
Advanced tech and security
  • Automated data calculations
  • Integrity features to prevent data miscalculations
  • Automated communications and alerts
  • Multi-level security access allows widespread permissioned use across all roles
  • Integrated plan approvals

Key features

Actual vs plan reporting
Historical media reporting and analysis
Library of original plans and documents
Client data ownership and portability
Annotate plans
Multiple currency exchange rates
Records source of funds
Campaign ID creation for linking activities
Link POs and creative assets to plans
Booked activity and committed budget tracking

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