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How can we best manage our media buying pitches?"

Redmill provides an auditable pitch pricing procurement platform, allowing advertisers to easily collect and evaluate pitch submissions from media agencies. With the complexity of multiple markets, media types and target audiences, as well as the evaluation of both price and quality parameters, creating a transparent, fair and auditable procurement platform for managing the pitch pricing process is a vital component of modern media management.
Tuk-Tuk creates a baseline based on historical media activity
Create and validate quality parameters by market
Manage and report each round of submissions through Tuk-Tuk
Prediction of future media activity based on latest available plans
Create automated briefing documents for agency submissions
Agency submissions reported vs baseline and across competing agencies


Auditable and accurate
  • Creates a baseline from historical activity, coupled with predicted future activity, to create a fair, transparent and auditable pitch pricing procurement platform
  • Based on real-world baselines and forecasts
Comprehensive and customisable
  • Works for all media types, across all markets
  • Evaluates price, quality and added value
  • Manages multiple rounds of pricing submissions
  • Allows multiple exchange rates - both fixed and variable
  • Customised, clear dashboards and standard reports, Excel pivot tables and exports into other software
Simple one-stop solution
  • Easy to use for media agency and procurement teams
  • Central agency teams can manage local market inputs
  • All relevant communication can be managed through the platform, even conditional offers Library of relevant communications and documentss

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