Post-Campaign Data Management

How can I get visibility of and easy access to all of the metrics around ALL my actual media activity – digital and non-digital?"

Your post-campaign media data is a highly valuable asset and should be treated as such. A record of actual media buys, coupled with the most granular performance metrics available, can be used to enhance future media and marketing performance. It can be used to:

• Optimise future planning and set pricing benchmarks
• Fuel market mix modelling and other ROI analysis
• Provide the basis for deal performance management and audits
Redmill has a post-campaign data management solution that delivers accurate and timely data across all media types, requiring only a minimum of media agency input.
Media Agency extracts granular post-campaign data from local system (or direct feed from digital systems)
Results alignment with Media Agency
Local and Global teams access data for reporting
Sends/uploads data to Tuk-Tuk for processing, cleaning and codification of data
Redmill publishes data and informs client


  • Creation of bespoke digital performance trackers
  • Informs optimisation of campaign performance
  • Permanent, single source of actualised media truth
  • Robust price and performance benchmarks for evaluation
  • Customised reporting options
Comprehensive & Efficient
  • Portability of all historic media data
  • Most granular level of data – spot-by-spot
  • Monthly update for non-digital data
  • Daily (plus) update for digital data sources via APIs
  • Efficient supply of clean data for market modelling/ROI
  • Efficient supply of data for deal performance tracking and auditing
  • Low-friction solution for media agencies
  • Data sourced directly from buying systems where possible
  • Output aligned with agencies prior to release
  • Redmill data quality control expertise

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